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So here's the deal...

You KNOW your stuff.

You can help create incredible TRANSFORMATIONS in your clients.

You are a goddamn POWERHOUSE!


Your FREEDOM based business is anything but!

You can't get past earning just ENOUGH (even though you're working your tail off, your monthly income has plateaued WAY short of five figures)...

The non-stop social media marketing is DRAINING your energy...

Your far-from-ideal clients are SUCKING the joy out of your work with their constant excuses, payment difficulties, and mediocre results...

And you know you should be charging MORE, but how can you when you're struggling to even fill your slots at your current rates?
RELAX... I know how you feel, because not so long ago, I was in your shoes...

The fact is, you CAN...

At LEAST double your monthly income with EASE...

Attract POWERHOUSE clients - who will lap up your support, to get INCREDIBLE results - while marketing LESS than an hour a day...

Clients who will GLADLY pay your rates (and then some), IN FULL, on the discovery call...

So that you can make a month's income (or even 3 months' income) in EVERY SINGLE SALE

While claiming the FREEDOM and the RESOURCES you need, to live the life you DESERVE!

And I'm going to show you how...

earned €16,000 in programme sales and coaching fees

Within just 8 weeks of working with Jo, Tytti sold out her new online coaching hub and netted her first high-end clients, totalling more than €16,000 revenue, in just 2 weeks, not to mention over 800 new subscribers added to her Facebook group and mailing list...
"You’ve just been amazing, I’ve really, really enjoyed your help and I’ve gained so much more than I really even expected. And I expected a lot, I must say. I was really taking a close look at who to work with now as I had two other coaches earlier that I was not so satisfied with so I wanted to really feel the connection before I signed up. I’ve been blown away by how you can help me."
Tytti Laine, Finland
Want to know why you're still STUCK in SURVIVAL mode in your coaching business?

Constantly signing just ENOUGH clients and bringing in just ENOUGH cash to cover your expenses, and live a little...

Marketing and networking like a machine, and working with ANYONE who'll pay you...

Only to see half of them fall by the wayside, when they...

Don't come up with their deposit...

Don't pay their instalments on time [or at all]...

Or, don't DO THE WORK [and then look to you to hand them their results on a silver platter]

Seeing your 10K+ SALES month turn into a 3K CASH month!

Yet another discovery call ending in "I'd love to, but..."

And your brand new client showing up with buyer's remorse, or doing a disappearing act on you!

Meanwhile, your dreams of having plenty of free time with your family, having a massage in the middle of the day, taking an extra day off each week, and travelling the globe... 


You see, the thing that put you in survival mode in the first place, is the thing that is keeping you STUCK there!

And, I get it...

Originally, you NEEDED clients and cash to make your business viable [a.k.a. covering your expenses], so you did what you believed you had to do, to make it happen.

You offered services that you believed people would buy.

You set prices that you believed people would pay.

You worked hard, because you believed that's what was necessary to succeed.

But now your income has plateaued and, trying to do more of that is getting you precisely NOWHERE but frustrated, fearful, and - frankly - more than a little pissed off! 

Because SURVIVAL entrepreneurship [or desperately trying to get by] slowly destroys your business, as you find yourself...

Panic marketing [too often, too superficial, and too needy] that attests to your lack of faith in yourself and your lack of joy in your work!

Creating low-priced group programmes and discounted offers that SCREAM, I will do ANYTHING to create cash [even if that means taking your money KNOWING that I'll be making LESS impact for MORE people].

Wasting your time building out low end funnels, when you haven't even filled your 1:1 [and won't pay someone else to do it for you].

Working with clients who drain your energy [think SUCCUBUS] and make you dread your sessions.

Not holding your clients truly accountable, and in their power, as you find yourself standing IN their fear with them, instead.

Rapidly LOSING confidence because, despite all of your AMAZING talents and expertise, you still can't bring on enough of the right clients [and so many of the wrong ones are getting crummy results].

Constant CASHFLOW problems as your clients and prospects reflect back all of your own BULLSHIT money stories.

And hurtling into BURNOUT as it becomes abundantly clear that you can't really DO much more, while maintaining what's left of your sanity!

It's just one big, VICIOUS CIRCLE.

And I completely understand, because I was there myself, not so long ago.

And it will NOT change...

Until you STOP settling for  SURVIVAL. 


Financially, emotionally, and spiritually, by...

Embracing the DEEP, intensive, and highly transformational work that you are MEANT to do [the work that expands your mind and FEEDS your SOUL].

Owning the unique TALENTS and EXPERTISE that WILL transform the lives of your perfect, soul-mate clients.

Marketing with SUPREME CONFIDENCE [and total INTEGRITY] because you KNOW that your coaching is the BEST solution for your perfect peeps.

COMMANDING the high-end fee [and getting paid ON THE SPOT] that reflects the tremendous value of your offer and makes it a healthy S-T-R-E-T-C-H for your perfect clients to invest.

And attracting your "When do we start?", SUPERSTAR clients, with EASE!

All while working LESS hours, making a much bigger IMPACT for the RIGHT people, and creating a month's [or 3 months'] CASH INCOME with every single sale!

You're ready for that, right?

Here's your first step... 
HOLY SHIT! I just booked my first $3000 client!

"HOLY SH*T! I just booked my first $3000 client! She was a 10 out of 10 on everything all the way through, and even though she said she had no money, once she heard about my coaching package and everything it contains, she said it’s absolutely the right program for her and she gave me her credit card! Money in the bank!!

THANK YOU Jo Davidson! I don’t believe I would have had the courage to go for this if not for you and the amazing work you do! 


Sarah Whalen, Seattle
It finally happened!
"That was the title of my email [to Jo] after I booked my first high-end coaching client to my signature 90-day program. I found Jo through her posts in a business group for lady entrepreneurs and I immediately connected with her story. Reading her posts was often like looking into a mirror. “She understood me!”

I took the leap and it was well worth it! Jo helped me to understand how to make my message not only magnetic, she helped me make it marketable. She challenged the mindset struggles that kept me procrastinating, and help me accountable to my outcomes. I love that Jo instructs you on how to build your business in just a few hours a day, while avoiding the time sucking matrix of social media busyness. She is truly a heart-centred coach for coaches. "
Wanda Lovale, Philadelphia
Think you need to DO something different to finally bring in the PREMIUM coaching clients and cash you desire, with CONSISTENCY?
Maybe try a new strategy?
A social media manager, a funnel, or a webinar?
FB ads, a website update, or a new lower priced offer?
Perhaps a photo shoot, a bigger commitment to social media, or even speaking on the stage?
Yeah, I used to believe all that BULLSHIT too!
And trying to do all that is what almost cost me my business, my home and my sanity, a couple of years ago.
So, can I be straight with you?
You don't need to DO different.
You just need to BE who you are MEANT to be!
By giving up the ego-based TERROR that you...
Don't really know what to do or how to move forward...
Don't have the courage to invest, to be truly seen, or to ignore the small-minded judgement of others...
Are limited by the economy, the political climate, the competition, and your own resources [or lack thereof].
Because it's just a big bundle of LIES that you are telling yourself [and others] to EXCUSE yourself for playing SMALL...
So that you don't offend anyone, upset anyone, or attract negativity from your friends, your loved ones, your enemies, or even complete strangers.
So that you don't have to take any RISKS [and deal with justifying those risks to others].
But you can't create those huge RESULTS, when you're being a small, INHIBITED, and fearful shadow of the REAL YOU [you know, the little girl who spent her whole life doing as she was told? Be good, fit in, work harder, be reasonable]...
Instead, it's time to ADMIT that the real, POWERHOUSE YOU is not available for EXCUSES, FEAR, and fulfilling someone else's [or everyone else's] EXPECTATIONS...
That you are now AVAILABLE to make a MONUMENTAL difference in the lives of your perfect clients [and clients-to-be]...
By COMPELLING them [without complicated or time consuming strategies] to book calls and invest in themselves at a PREMIUM level...
By NOT allowing them to use their own INSECURITIES to lie to themselves [be it in your marketing, during a sales conversation, or when working with your [HIGH-PAYING] clients]...
And, finally, by saying EXACTLY what NEEDS to be said, and doing EXACTLY what NEEDS to be done, while not giving ONE SINGLE FUCK about what anyone else thinks of YOU!
Because whether you want to start signing 5k clients, or you're ready to create your first 7 figures, there's one thing that ALWAYS holds true:
Your success is less than 20% strategy [and let's face it, you already have PLENTY of strategies]...
And is more than 80% down to WHO you are BEING.
So, how about you STOP pretending to be small/amiable/polite/good, and learn how to unleash the COMPLETE FUCKING ROCKSTAR that is waiting to open the FLOODGATES to the clients and the cash you deserve?
Because SHE is the ONLY person who can turn all of that generic strategy [you know, the stuff that every other under-performing coach is desperately hoping will turn her biz around?], into a MONUMENTAL SUCCESS!
You see, you CAN have it ALL!
Just as soon as you give up the BULLSHIT BELIEF that you can't.
Jo xx

Signed her first 5 high-paying clients!

Despite completing Gina Devee's Academy, Marie Forleo's B School, Brendan Burchard's Experts' Academy, and Todd Herman's 90 Day Year (to name but a few), Alex had failed to sign ANY high end clients to her biz. However, within just a few months of starting with Jo, she finally made the massive mindset shifts that allowed her to  sign her first 5 high end clients, and go on to quit her job and go full time in her business.

I had so many invaluable insights and understood so many things such as "I was mistaking the lack of time and resources for the lack of skill" but I proved to myself that even with minimal effort of working 1 day per week I can indeed produce results, this gave me all the confidence I needed to push through the last month and now quit my job.... I realised that I know what I need to be doing and it was my own self doubt that was stopping me. I struggled for many years to build a life from scratch as an immigrant and somehow I translated this struggle into my business. Now I can see so clearly that not only I have the skills, I also have an advantage in a way that my emotional resilience has been tested so much through my personal struggles that it will carry me over any failures I will face in my business... working with Jo has helped me step up emotionally and claim my business as the person in charge and not "just little me trying to make some money". 
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